Great Gator recipes

Every great host needs a classic recipe up their sleeve so we’ve armed you with a few beauties to get the party started.
Keep the kids and skippers happy at your next party, or blend one up the morning after with some great non-alcoholic soft drinks and smoothies. Check out the ‘See ya later TailGator®’ and ‘Swamp Cooler’.

Whip up dips for your next do and impress your camping buddies with a breakfast of pancakes or waffles. Check out our favourite dips and eats recipes.

Fire up the Gator and get creative with your cocktails. Impress your guests with drinks with bite such as the Mexican Painkiller, the Break Down and the Green Gator. It’s the manly way to make girly drinks.

Got a great Gator recipe you want to share? Send it in and we’ll add it to our site.

Blend on and on and on...