Safety instructions

We want to make sure you enjoy your TailGator® without any mishaps.
When using gas powered appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following steps.

Unless otherwise noted, proper fuel to oil mixture is 40:1 as recommended by the motor manufacturer.

Before you begin blending

1. Read all the instructions.
2. The blades are sharp. Handle them carefully.
3. The TailGator®, as with all gas powdered devices, is meant for out-door use only. Do not use the TailGator® in an enclosed area.
4. Do not operate with damaged starter rope or choke lever or after the unit has been dropped or damaged in any way.

Safety while you blend

1. Always use unit on a clean, flat, hard, dry surface. There should be no material such as a tablecloth or plastic between the unit and the surface.
2. Due to the exhaust being dispersed out of the bottom of the TailGator®, it is recommended that the TailGator® not be operated on any carpeted or easily marred surfaces.
3. Keep hands, utensils, or any other foreign objects out of the pitcher, while the TailGator® is in use.
4. Avoid contact with any moving parts.
5. Make sure the pitcher assembly is firmly locked into the motor coupling before operating the TailGator®. Always run the motor for a few seconds without the pitcher in place before adding the pitcher, containing ingredients to TailGator®.
6. Always load the pitcher with ingredients first, before placing jar on your TailGator®.
7. When blending hot liquids, use extreme caution when placing ingredients in, or pouring mixture out of the TailGator®.
8. Be sure the lid is securely in place before operating the TailGator®. Do not open the lid while blending.
9. Turn off the TailGator® before removing the pitcher from the Gator base.
10. Use the TailGator® only for food preparation or for blending food substances as described in the recipe section of this site.
11. Do not attempt to add fuel to the fuel tank while the TailGator® is blending.
12. Close supervision is necessary when using the TailGator® around children.
13. Do not operate the TailGator® while under the influence of alcohol or other substances that affect your reaction time or perception.
14. Do not leave the TailGator® running unattended.
15. You risk personal injury or damage to the TailGator® if you use attachments, containers, including canning or ordinary jars, or parts other than those recommended by TailGator®.
16. Improper adjustments to the carburettor or altering the exhaust system will void any warranty and may cause serious damage to the motor.
17. Do not squeeze the throttle trigger beyond its stop. Breakage may occur.
18. When storing the TailGator® for 30 days or more, it is recommended that any and all fuel be drained from its fuel tank.
19. Do not ship the TailGator® or carry or travel with the TailGator® with any fuel in the fuel tank and/or the fuel system. Drain the fuel tank and run the motor until the fuel system is completely empty.
20. Do not submerge the motor assembly into water or any other liquid.