Frequently asked questions

Got a question about the TailGator®?
Have a read of some of the more common questions asked in our frequently asked questions below to see if we can answer yours. If you’re still stumped, please email us at or call 0428 255 624 and we’ll see if we can help.

Question: Can I order a TailGator® in another color? Can I customize the TailGator® with my own logo?
At this time, the TailGator® is only available in our ‘classic green’ but we’re looking to offer other colours very soon. Check our web site or sign up to our Gator news to find out when the new colour range will be added. While we currently don’t offer a customizable TailGator®, you could very easily personalize your unit by adding a sticker with your own creative expression (e.g. favorite team or school, corporate logo etc.).

Question: How much does the TailGator® weigh?
The TailGator® is a breeze to tote around at only 4.5 kg (including the carrying case).

Question: What are the dimensions of the TailGator®?
The footprint of the TailGator® base is 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 33 cm.

Question: How is the TailGator® shipped and how much does shipping cost?
All our TailGator® units are shipped next day via Australia Post and your TailGator® will usually arrive within a week to most places in Australia. Express shipping (3 Day, 2 Day, overnight) is available at additional cost. The cost of shipping is determined by the items ordered, service requested, and their weight. Please refer to our customer care page for more information about order processing, shipping costs, shipping lead times, priority shipping options, international shipping and order tracking.

Question: I don’t live in Australia; can I still order a TailGator®?
You bet. The TailGator® is being enjoyed by customers around the world and we sell to any countries – especially those neighboring Australia, including New Zealand, Africa and Asia. Email our customer care team at or call +61 (0)428 255 624 if you have any questions about shipping overseas. Or we can refer you to another dealer closer to home if necessary. You’ll also find more information about international shipping on our customer care page.

Question: Does the TailGator® come with a warranty?
Of course. TailGator® warrants to the original purchaser, from the date of purchase that each TailGator® is free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair or replace any defective product as follows:

  • During shipment: complete or partial replacement of the pitcher assembly if damaged during shipping
  • 90 Days: parts and labor on the power head unit including the throttle cable
  • 1 Year: sealed drive bearing
  • Life-time: parts and labor on all TailGator® fabricated parts limited to the motor coupling, drive shaft, cable mount, front and rear leg brackets, rubber legs

Question: Can I return the product for a refund if needed?
Although it rarely happens, if you’d like to return the unit you may do so within 30 days of purchase. Just send your item(s) back to us, in its original condition, and we will refund your purchase. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping. Original shipping charges will not be reimbursed. Please contact our customer care team for return instructions on or call 0428 255 624.

Question: Is there any assembly involved to setup the TailGator®?
None at all. The TailGator® is delivered to your door ready for action! All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step ‘Getting Started’ instructions in your TailGator® instruction manual (PDF, 800KB), and you’ll be sipping margaritas in no time.

Question: Does the TailGator® require more than one person to safely operate?
Absolutely not. The TailGator® was designed to be safely started and operated by one person. Of course sharing the experience of firing it up with as many people as possible is always a lot of fun, but we’ll leave that up to you.

Question: What is the proper fuel-to-oil mixture for the TailGator® engine?
Unless otherwise noted, the proper ratio is 40:1 as recommended by the motor manufacturer.

Question: Why is my TailGator® running roughly?
the TailGator® needs fresh fuel and if it has been stored for a few months with the old fuel it may not run properly.

Question: Should I load the pitcher on the TailGator® base before or after starting the unit?
Never, and I mean NEVER, load the pitcher on the unit while it’s running! It’s extremely dangerous, can potentially damage the machine and will ultimately void your warranty. Always place the pitcher jar with your ingredients on first (ensuring that it’s secure in the motor coupling), and then start the machine.

Question: Is it normal for the TailGator® to require a few pulls of the starter rope to get started?
Yes. As with any 2-stroke engine that’s cold, you’ll need a bit of patience to get it going. By working the primer bubble and choke lever - as outlined in the TailGator® instruction manual (PDF, 800KB) - you’ll be up and running quickly. Once started, we suggest letting the motor run for approximately 1-2 minutes to get sufficiently warmed up before blending.